Monthly Archives: April 2022

Does NYU (New York University) accept the Duolingo English Test?

Yep! You can check which colleges and universities accept the Duolingo English Test here. For specific information about NYU’s language proficiency testing policy for undergraduate admissions, you can check here[1]. From their website: We don’t have minimum score requirements, but competitive applicants will receive 125 and above on the Duolingo English Test. The Duolingo English Test is:… Read More »

I am a software engineer looking to find a remote job with a company in the USA. What is some advice for me?

 am Vijay Krishnan, Founder & CTO of, based in Palo Alto, California, right in the heart of the Silicon Valley. We match exceptional software engineers from around the world to top U.S. and Silicon Valley companies that are hiring for full-time remote software positions. 100+ companies including those backed by Google, Andreessen, Founders Fund, Kleiner… Read More »

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