Are there any billionaires who got their billion(s) working for someone else?

By | May 9, 2022

Mark Zuckerberg was schmoozing at a party where he met this woman here.

Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl was VP of global sales at Google and after meeting, Mark immediately recognized that he needed her on his team.

She was then hired as Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer. The funny thing is Mark wasn’t looking to fill such a position nor did it even exist.

The position was created for her because he believed in her that much.

She focused primarily on making Facebook profitable. Mark and his team only focused on making a cool website and figured the money would follow.

But it didn’t.

She made the company profitable by making the sites primary revenue stream in “discreet” ads.

I’m still creeped out by the fact that every time I search something in google, I start getting ads for it in Facebook.

In her time at Facebook she was awarded about 42 million shares of the company.

She sold some shares and retains 17.2 million, giving her a 0.5% ownership of the company. Her shares & investments put her net worth at 1.6 Billion dollars.

So Sheryl is both a lifetime employee and billionaire. So it is possible. Just find a young guy with a fresh social media site that has not yet been able to monetize it.

Then BOOM, a life of Lamborghini’s, Philippe pateks and caviar awaits.

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