As a programmer, do you think beginners are getting obsessed with data structures and algorithms?

By | April 30, 2022

When I began coding back in 2013, I wasn’t obsessed with data structures and it turned out fine, but just fine, not exceptional!. I however realized over time that I had to learn data structures and algorithms as these are the core concepts in computer science that helps one understand what is really going on behind your code. Learning this has significantly improved my coding skills, plus you also learn how to solve and optimize coding problems better.

It may seem as though beginners are getting obsessed with data structures and algorithms, but it’s funny how the majority of new programmers aren’t. This is due to the latest trends and implementations in programming and how they’ve covered the need to have an in-depth knowledge of data structures and algorithms.

Today, you can easily learn any framework or language because more experienced programmers have implemented layers upon layers on the core concepts of computing, removing the need to obsess about data structures and algorithms and have made the learning curve smooth.

i.e Today you can build a fully functional website or mobile application without having in depth knowledge of data structures and algorithms. You’d need to know arrays, lists and other datatypes but nothing too deep.

This is not to say the study of these core concepts aren’t important.

Many developers today are self-taught, and most start out with inner questions like:

“How do i build a website or mobile app”

“I want a mobile app for xxxx idea”

These days, programming beginners are more focused on the shining technologies. “Social media programmers” and bloggers flaunt various technologies and tutorials of how they’re used. This is not a bad thing but it’s becoming more and more distracting and make beginners jump right into learning these frameworks.

I am guilty of this. When I began coding, I was straight to jump into the technologies and latest frameworks. I learnt a lot this way and also learnt how to solve different problems, but it’s not enough.

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