Can a strong human beat a leopard?

By | May 2, 2022

A strong human can beat a leopard. A bit of an issue is that the felines are historically known to be man eaters.

A man eating leopard was attacking its last victim before it was shot and killed in that image.

Every inch of a leopard is designed to kill a human being.

Leopards are very muscular, they’re born with a killer instinct, a human generally is not.

A leopard’s claws are designed to hold unto prey and tear chunks of flesh.

Those claws can tear through strong skin and thick hide. Leopards have been known to take down animals such as honey badgers, giant elands, baboons, gorillas, sloth bears, and even asiatic black bears.

Leopards in certain countries occasionally prey on gorillas, and some sites claim that gorillas are a whooping 8% of their entire diet in the jungle.

Now let’s see what strongmen can do.

He’s pulling a plane? That’s insane, it requires a massive amount of power to do so

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