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What would happen if you kept drinking ocean water to survive on a deserted island? Can you boil the water so it’s safe to drink?

Drinking seawater will kill you pretty quickly, in less time than drinking no water at all. The salt content will cause you to dehydrate faster, for one thing, and your kidneys will gradually fail trying to remove the excess salt. Ugly way to die. Yes, you can remove the salt and algae and microscopic marine… Read More »

Could it be possible that some species of animals could evolve into airship-like creatures with naturally produced hydrogen, like aliens in the book “Expedition” by Wayne Douglas Barlowe?

I can think of one animal that already evolved something along the lines. Image from Pbs. Some spiders use spider silk for flying in the air. They just weave silk in the wind until it’s long enough that the air currents drag the silk with enough force that the spiders are dragged along and fly… Read More »

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he was “target No. 1” for Russian forces but would remain in the capital “with my people.” Do you think this is an act of bravery?

When the Supreme Commander flees the battlefield, abandoning his army, he finds himself in a situation of desertion. Regardless of rank, be it platoon leader, colonel, or marshal, whoever deserts, instantly loses the right to command and becomes liable to execution on the spot. The Russians had only one chance to eliminate or capture Zelensky… Read More »

What does Putin want of Ukraine?

If he was successful in achieving all the goals as mentioned by others, he’d have wanted more from the next country. He’ll not stop ever. Why would someone on a winning streak stop or slowdown? They’ll stop when someone better than them humbles them. If or when Ukraine is successful in pushing him back, he’d… Read More »

Why would Finland not just give up if Russia invaded them? They would lose, so why kill your own population?

Because they’ve been preparing for 80 years for such an eventuality. Finland does not have a second rate military and has multiple military cooperation agreements. Put it this way: Helsinki’s bunker complex is designed to hold the entire population of the city and designed to withstand a full scale nuclear attack, with full facilities including food stockpiles, hospitals,… Read More »