Have experts discovered the most aerodynamic way to design all things that need to be aerodynamic, or are they still learning?

By | May 13, 2022

I would not sell them so short as to say they are learning. Nor would I say that they have 100% handle on it. They still do wind tunnel tests on designs and look for the proper drag coefficients (and a dozen other things) in the piece they are designing.

“Mistakes were made.”

Just about anything that is on the road and everything that is in the air went through aerodynamic testing. They test because the design looks good, the math checks out, but the truth is in a scale model. Before you send an item into production you want to make sure and certain it checks out. They could, by now, do it all on computer – and they very well might – but the still want to do it with a model. Don’t we all.

Models are great.

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