How do we start learning stock market?

By | May 11, 2022

Stock Market is a place where everyone wants to earn money but it is not simple as that you need knowledge as well as lot of experience. Investing in stock market means you are placing your hard earned money where you are expecting returns so you need to do research and analysis before investments.

Below are some basics where you will be able to learn how to trade in Stock Market:-

  1. Invest your money in NIFTY 50 stocks only if you want to get good returns.
  2. Always understand strength of the company before investing as if company performing well then definetly your investment will always remain green. For example: Reliance right now it is 1900 if a trades as invested at 1600 also still it is in profit. TCS, HDFC Bank etc are the best examples. Strength of the company and its perfomance plays very important role in Stock Market.
  3. Stocks which are not performing like tatamotor if you observe its chart it is continously falling downside. You have to check charts for last 1 year and you need to understand that if stock is not performing then dont invest your money just because of one reason that stock is available at cheaper price.
  4. First prepare watchlish of 20–25 stocks sector wise then from that daily you have to watch which side it is moving with INDEX or performing individual as IGL petronet, Torrent power will never perform with INDEX.
  5. In banking PSU sector is falling so never invest in that as you will not able to get good returns even if you wait for 1–2 years. As it is taking lot of time to change its range. For example Bank baroda was 120 before 1 year and Bank India was 110 before 1 year right now current price for the stock is around 50–60.
  6. Never fall in a trap of advertisement of news channel or anything for investment as they give information in general.
  7. Here many times investors get panic and take decisions and later on they regret. Always have patients in stocks market and those who are panic just read twice this point you will be always incurring loss in majority trades as you will lose your patients if little bit trade goes negative.
  8. If trade is negative still wait as that is only the best way to avoid huge loss as if loss is rising and you think that if you will not cut your position now then after your capital will vanish or you will incurr more loss at that time sit back and relax for sometime definetly your loss will minimize. You have to wait and keep patients in stock market.

Below is the profit screenshot of 80000 in one trade which I have made within a month.

Here I have taken Uranus Profit Service from a well-known Research Analyst that is Eqwires Research Analyst. They provided me this trade and I have made profit of 80000. Apart from that I am getting there intraday as well as BTST/STBT trades in which I am making 15–17k. The returns which I am getting with there recommendations are better. Here they make me understood that how to select stocks and what things are taken into consideration before investing. They are updating latest news related to stock market on there tutorials page. Appreciate there hard working.

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