If you had a private meeting with Elon Musk, what would you talk to him about?

By | May 2, 2022

I once stood next to Elon Musk at a coffee shop in Los Angeles. When I realized who I was standing next to I was so star-struck that I couldn’t say a word and it took all my strength to hold it together and act cool. I’ve gone over that moment many times and almost anything I could have said to him would have been useless.

“Hey man, great job on building a rocket and landing it, also Teslas are awesome. You’re so cool, totally my hero!”

Yeah I bet he’s never heard that before. After wracking my brain for years I realize that the one thing I wish I’d said was:

“Tesla motorbike. Don’t say yes or no right now. I’m just planting the seed in that beautiful brain of yours. I’m looking forward to the official announcement in a few years. ”

Worst case scenario, I think it would have made him laugh.

As an avid motorbike rider I wish there was a good electric motorbike but having tried a few I think they all pretty much suck. In Southeast Asia, where I live, the motorbike is the most common form of transport and therefore one of the major sources of pollutants. Someone is going to have to address this if we are to fight global warming.

He could call it the Model M (for motorbike) and it would still fit into his S3XY naming scheme.

Mmmmmm. S3xy.

Here’s a surreptitious picture I took of Elon the day I saw him.

EDIT: A lot of commenters have suggested a bunch of cool companies that are making some pretty nice looking electric bikes. Since this answer blew up I hope some of you will check them out:

Tork Motorcycles

ZERO MOTORCYCLES – The Electric Motorcycle Company – Official Site

Alta Motors

Energica Motor Company. The italian electric motorcycle manufacturer

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