Is there a way to tell the difference between a fake rich person and a real rich person?

By | May 9, 2022

I can tell you a story based on my personal experience on real and fake wealth.

I worked at bank X in the wealth management department in a fancy city centre office block. All, the major banks and law firms and their regional headquarters in this building. And being in Asia it screamed money and so did, everyone in it

They looked like they had just rolled out of a fashion weekly magazine. Tailored Armani suit, with the obligatory cufflinks and fancy watch were the norm.

The place just oozed wealth, from the skyline view of the city to central location.

The Bank was no different; it had a floor in office X when clients walked in they would be greeted with expensive furniture and a nice looking office over looking the city from the 31st floor from on a 360 view.

It was for wealthy people as wealthy people are meant to be used to this way of life.

So one day, a guy walks in to the bank, it was hot out side so opts for a more relaxed approach to say the least. A creased plain grey shirt, with sweat marks from the heat outside. And some sports shorts looking like he was getting ready to go for a airplane economy class in his comfy clothes.

He didn’t have a watch black shoes. He was un shaved and hair was a bit of mess. He in short fitted in like the kid on the right.

At near lunch time when the city people are going to their fancy lunches.

He walks into to bank X and asked for a consultation of some wealth, the receptionist acted professional and saw what she could do for the outcast.

Not one of the wealth managers wanted to give 30 minutes to introduce themselves when she described the guy, as he didn’t look the part and everyone thought he was in the wrong place.

This was for wealthy people. People that wear nice suits, and have nice cars not someone who look like him.

So, as lunches were more important no one did bother to go see the outcast guy.

The receptionist, gave him a form and say will be in touch. That no one ever did. The poor guy had come across town for this in the heat of the day.

The fact was that the outcast guy had just sold his business for $10 million and didn’t need to look or pretend to be rich as he was rich. He went to a bank that accepted him in the end.

So what do you have to know. The people that look fancy have smart clothes mostly have a 401k of under $100,000 and a debt of over $60k those who look poor do so those they don’t feel the need to impress any one as they are already wealthy.

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