What’s the best website to get people to fill out your survey?

By | May 13, 2022

I see that Ray gave a great overview of how Pollfish works before, and it’s still a much better option than a website for filling out surveys! (Especially since an increasing number of consumers are more readily available on mobile than ever before.) However, the platform has had several updates in the past few years and is even better than before. Here’s some highlights:

  • Survey Audience: now over half a billion people across 160+ countries (and growing daily). With this large of a sample, you can fill any quota.
  • New targeting options: Apart from all the expected demographic options such as age, gender, state, city, and zip code, we’ve added
    • Race
    • Marital Status
    • Occupation
    • Education
    • US Congressional District
    • Mobile Carrier
    • Radius Targeting for geographic locations
  • Screening questions: use them to target a broad consumer base, your existing customers, or a competitor’s audience.
  • Audience preview: Get an estimate on how long your survey will take, the demographic makeup of those we expect to take it, and the predicted incidence rate before you launch.
    • Third-Party integration: We now link to other tools (like SurveyMonkey or Survata). This is perfect for people committed to their current survey tool, but not a panelist audience.

    With all of these improvements, what hasn’t changed is our cost-effectiveness. Surveys are still lightning fast and start at $1 per completed response.

    Check it out and see if it’s a good fit for you. (Registration is free).

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