Russia is saying it’s unfair for other countries to help Ukraine. Is it unfair?

By | May 9, 2022

Fairness is something that exists in organized competitions. In a boxing match, a wrestling bout. There are rules and referees. In a street fight, there is no fairness. There is only winning any way you can. And that can involve having friends hand you a weapon.

The situation here is not equivalent to boxing. That would be a traditional war, with an official declaration. Here’, it’s not a war. It’s a “special military operation”, as the Russian government does not tire of reminding everyone.

This is more of a case of a street tough jumping a guy in a dark alley, and then crying foul when the guy’s buddy hands him a club to wallop the attacker with. A classic gopnik move – get in someone’s face, and then complain loudly when the fight doesn’t go your way.

It isn’t fair, but if you wanted fair, you should not have started a street fight.

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