What are some things people do every day that are bad for you?

By | May 9, 2022

We’re so used to doing certain things that we don’t pause to think why we’re doing them or if doing them makes any sense at all.

We human beings are loyal creatures of habits. So much so, that if we started calculating we’ll find that ‘we’ are just as much made of our ‘habits’ as cheese is made of milk. From morning toothbrushing to watching our favourite TV shows, the words we choose to speak, to the bed we like to sleep on, all are just habits. We even love and hate out of habit. We reject and accept out of habit. In fact, our whole life, our thinking & behaviour patterns, and our mindset is nothing except just a set of acquired habits that pass on to become 100% of who we think we are. We get so used to doing things that we don’t even pause to think why we’re doing them or if doing them makes any sense at all.


Medication for simple problems such as common cold, cough, fever, headache, cuts and bruises

Pills are the modern meal of modern people! We 21 century high-tech wielding people cannot live without medicines even though medical intervention is not always deemed necessary. Research has it that occasional common colds, simple headaches, coughs, fatigue etc go away on their own without needing a treatment. In fact most common cold symptoms can be relived just by resting and hydrating oneself. Unless symptoms are too bad to live with, they can be tolerated with a little bit of rest and patience giving them time to run their course. Why then pump your system with pills if the problems don’t need them?

Walking with shoes on all the time

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