What are suggested stocks to buy on June 18, 2020? Below are the suggested stocks to buy for June 18, 2020:

By | May 11, 2022
  1. HDFC Bank: Current price is 970–980. Expected above 1000.
  2. Axis Bank: Current price is 375–385. Expected above 400.
  3. Ambujacement: Current price is 183–186. Expected above 195.
  4. DLF: Current price is 145–149. Expected above 155.
  5. BPCL: Current price is 350–360. Expected above 380.
  6. HDFC AMC: Current price is 2400–2410. Expected above 2480–2500.

Above are the stocks which can be bought tomorrow for investment and targets can be expected by thi month end.

There are many more stocks which can be invested for this month to get better returns in future. Hope my answer is helpful so please you can upvote and share with other people so that they can also take advantage.

  • Invest in the company which is strong fundamentally.
  • Buying at lower level and selling at higher level is most basic pheomenon.
  • Stop getting panic if position is going negative because it is not going to turn zero so you have to wait and don’t reduce your capital by exiting the position in panic.
  • In this market profit is not that easy but yes still many are getting rich because they keep patience.
  • Whenever negative news are coming always understand that it is not going to remain permanently so this is the right time for investments.

Will post other recommendations very soon as I recieve from “Eqwires Research Analyst.” They keep me posted about all the stocks and when to enter and exit. So I will provide you another list as I recieved from them. Thanks for reading my answer.

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