What are the most in-demand freelance jobs for 2022?

By | May 2, 2022

The demand for remote designers, developers, project managers, and finance experts is ramping up, and will continue to grow moving forward! It’s an exciting time to transition to remote work. Working remotely has given me the freedom to plan my own schedule and expand my knowledge base and skills.

Toptal is my favorite way to access jobs with exclusive clients. The name “Toptal” is derived from “Top Talent”, meaning they constantly strive to find and work with the very best from around the world. Toptal is an exclusive talent network that lines you up with jobs matching your career interests and preferences, and also provides awesome networking and career development opportunities. Toptal’s most exclusive clients are currently looking for a high volume of full-time freelancers, but they also have many clients looking for freelancers who can work part-time. If you’re not sure you have enough experience yet, and you’re a developer, take a look at this assessment. You can also look at their requirements page to see if you’re ready to join the network. If you have at least 2-3 years of experience, you should apply to join Toptal. What I love most about Toptal is that it gives freelancers so much time back to focus on what they enjoy doing, while being paid more than a traditional full-time job.

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