What is a dish your mom made too much of?

By | May 10, 2022

Think about it! My father was a fishmonger!!

What did my mother cook? Fish and seafood!

He was so in love with fish, to the point of having small fish or shrimp, with a little Ouzo, before every meal! It was my father’s happy time!

What amazes me is the fact, that no matter what the main meal was, he would start with the fish or seafood!

I learned to love fish, and I turned out to be like my father!

On my visits to Greece, I can have fish or seafood every day! And I do!

There’s nothing like it, and with the fresh oregano, capers, olive oil, and lemon sauce, it’s heaven!

To answer your question, she always made fish!

I wonder if she ever got tired of making fish, but then again, when you love someone the way she loved him, nothing tires you out!

Calamari with lemony Mayo! Perfect with Ouzo!

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