What is the best way to earn money in the stock market?

By | May 11, 2022

Best way to earn in the Stock Market is trading after doing analysis of stocks. Here there are 2 types of Trading Intraday trading and another is Investing for long-term. You have to invest your money in both the types so that you will be benefited for short-term and long-term also. Here I will give you example where I am earning Intraday profits also and investing for long-term delivery. Below profit I have made today by Intraday Trading:

I bought PFC at 80.40 in June Future and booked at 82.40(6200 lot size) booked 12400/- profit.

I use to trade Intraday and book 12–15k per trade also investing for long-term so that in a month I can get good returns.

Here everyone wants to know how to invest and what kind of analysis needed before making investment.

Below are the best way to earn money in the Stock Market:

  • Whenever market is rising buy those stocks which has not came upside with the index and you have to sell which is upside by 25%.. You have to buy stocks at its lower range and sell at upper range. This is very important to get profit from the market.
  • For Example: People buying Tata Motor at 110–115 but they will not understand that it is already upside by 25% so this is not the right time to buy. Same way PFC has not risen at all it is still at bottom of 79–80 Rs so it can be bought with the target of 100–110 Rs.
  • Here whenever market is high volatile we will think that moment is good and we will get huge profit thinking this we enter into the market and we will not analyse stocks range nor we will research anything and we will jump thinking that “Moment is fast and we will miss the chance.”Never trade in hurry as their are chance of making wrong decisions that will ruin your hard earned investments.
  • Whenever market is falling speedily and if negative news are roaming we will always believe that we need to exit our position else we will incur huge loss and by getting panic without thinking that all days are not same it will recover in 3–4 days so let’s wait or add some more quantity or diversify by investing in other stock which is getting at bottom price, we exit current position. So patients is very important in the market for at the time of entering and exiting positions. If you are impatient then you will loose your money.

Right now there are many stocks which can be bought for Long-term investments.

  1. TVS Motor
  2. Tata steel
  3. SBI Bank
  4. Mannapuram
  5. REC
  6. PFC
  7. L&T
  8. M&M Finance
  9. LIC housing Finance
  10. Axis bank

Also for Intraday Trading I can tell you on daily basis for getting good returns on your investment daily. You can message else you can refer website of Eqwires Research Analyst as I am receiving trades from that company only on daily basis and they are certified SEBI registered Research Analyst and I have learned all trading strategies from their tutorial page which is free for study in their website.

Happy Investing:-)

Updated on 16–02–2021:

Below are the list of stocks recommended on 12 July 2020 and right now more then 50% returns given from these stocks.

  1. TVS Motor: It was 350–400 and right now it is 630.
  2. Tata steel:- It was 330–340 and right now it is 700.
  3. SBI Bank:- It was 190 and right now it is 400–410.
  4. Mannapuram:- It was 140–150 and right now it is 175.
  5. REC:- It was 100–110 and right now it is 150.
  6. PFC:- It was 80–85 and right now it is 135.
  7. L&T:- It was 60–70 and right now it is 98.
  8. M&M Finance:- It was 120–125 and right now it is 220.
  9. LIC housing Finance:- It was 250–275 and right now it is 470.
  10. Axis bank:- It was 440–450 and right now it is 770.

More then 50–70% returns given by all the recommended stocks within one year.

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