What’s the best soup recipe you have heard of or tried?

By | May 10, 2022

Best soup,winter soup for families in my opinion,is a ham and vegetable soup.

A fresh,ham ,really,needs, desalting,over night,by submerging it in a bucket of cold water.

Then,boil,untill,the ham meat is tender,not over cooked.

Take the ham out the sauce pan,if you’ve purchased a piece with the skin on , carefully ,take a knife and slice the thick skin away, diamond cut,the tender,fat ,and coat with 🍯 honey,pop in oven for 20 minutes to golden up.

Use for,a salad,and sandwiches, it’s whats actually left ,that we make the soup out of ,the next day,or perhaps two.

So your soup stock,in the saucepan,will,have turned into delicious jelly.

Chop up,cubes,of celery, onions, carrots, potatoes, parsnips, anything available,bring to boil then turn to simmer, introduce,pear barley,leave to simmer until soft,then pop in your lentils to flavour and thicken last , season as you go,along,with “ sea salt( never use table salt,ever!!!!!!!!) and course black pepper ,fresh 🍞 bread,and best butter,or , sprinkle olive oil,on bread,rap in foil and pop in oven to warm.

These, delicious , substantial soups,can be reheated, inducting a little water,and slower simmering!

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