Who is winning the war in Ukraine?

By | May 9, 2022

Let’s put it this way: Today is the big day when Russia celebrates Victory Day — queue a massive military parade with tanks, conscripts goose-stepping and speeches about Russian military might. This is hilariously ironic because Russia is losing this war in Ukraine, spectacularly.

By all accounts, Putin had planned to secure a sudden magnificent victory in less than a month, intended to stun the world, — decapitating the government of Ukraine, conquering what is one of the largest and most highly populated independent states in Europe, blessed with abundant fertile agricultural land and important naval bases.

I can just see Putin in his hubris sitting casually at his desk planning how he would celebrate his inevitable victory. Then it all rapidly went to shit for poor old Putin, leaving him gripping his desk like he’s about to have a stroke on a rollercoaster. Because make no mistake, by now it’s dawned on Putin that he isn’t winning diddly squat.

The 9th of May is a big deal in Russia, the Red Square Victory Day Parade is a symbol of Russian military might. Young Russians pose and kiss as mobile Nuclear ICBM launchers and a plastic tank that will never see action trundle by.

Kiss me, Ivan, the vibrations of that fancy tank and the size of that Nuclear missile make me frisky, mighty Russia makes my ovaries quiver.

The simple fact is, that Russia only had one slim chance of winning this stupid war and that was in the first few weeks of the sudden decapitation attempt that Putin had planned, but that failed.

The special operation (totally a war) in Ukraine has escalated to a war of attrition, meaning it is now essentially impossible for Russia to win.

Putin and the Russian military command are desperately scrambling to secure a pyrrhic victory, throwing young Russian men to their deaths for some kind of token victory to save face, but without doubt, Putin is aware that occupying any ground taken will simply become a protracted guerilla conflict, against millions of angry Ukrainian people who are armed to the teeth — resulting in Ukraine bleeding Russia to death, militarily and economically.

Who is winning the war in Ukraine? Not Russia.

  • Russia is losing ground in key areas and struggled to make the predicted advances in the second phase in the East of Ukraine, somehow Mariupol (what rubble remains) has still not been secured and Russian soldiers are being sent into the meat grinder to die in Urban combat the likes of which have not been seen for 80 years.
  • So far, Russia has suffered more than 23,000 casualties, with this number potentially being much higher, reports are coming in of dedicated Russian units burning the bodies of fallen comrades to hide the humiliating losses and claiming those fallen as “missing”.
  • Russia has lost hundreds of fighter jets and helicopters, which are small fries compared to the staggering 873 Tanks and more than 2,000 IFVs that have been destroyed.
    • However, Russia has historically cared little about losing soldiers and appears to be relying on Stalin’s quantity over quality mantra of WWII, when it comes to military hardware — but you know the loss of the 3 major warships that have been sunk/crippled including the flagship Moscow, the Alligator class landing ship above and the newest Russian Frigate, will have wounded Russian pride, much more than the 23k+ casualties.
    • Finally, 12 Russian Generals have been killed in Ukraine, if we include Colonels and other such commanders, then Russia has lost approximately 40 senior officers.

    I refuse to believe that most Russians aren’t aware that something has gone wrong in Ukraine. Putin has stepped in a steaming pile of dog shit and then briskly walked it around the house looking for the source of the bad smell.

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