Why is Microsoft Windows so ugly compared to Apple stuff?

By | May 13, 2022

Well, I’m not sure how to answer this, Skippy! (unless you mean the GUIs) You see, Windows pick-a-number is a piece of software, and Apple Stuff are things we touch and use- like my busted iPod. Beautiful tech with a screen that could not handle ordinary weekly use. Or my old iPad II, now a useless $800 slab of aluminum and glass b/c Apple wants me to buy another one. And, I suppose I should note those were 2010 dollars, so figure about $950 nowadays?

The iPad would never talk to my PC or my androids, even with all the $40 a hit special plugs, adapters and cords- because of environmental conflicts… ok sure. But for $800 there ought to be a work around… Oh, but Phil! There always was some way I could manually do whatever it was that Apple said it did effortlessly… Like printing to an iPad compatible printer… Of course it would stream to my sisters Apple tv. Which cost $300 more than my tv. I still have to email pictures off the iPad if to my PC if I want to use them.

I’ve designed and built stage or tv special effects for all the big players in Silicon Valley- Apple is the most difficult. It’s the environment.

Yeah that show was a while ago. Steve was there.

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